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The Cerberus directive began as a grasp at immortality by wealthy investors in the 1950's during the Cold War. Their goal was survival as the harsh reality of nuclear warfare was all around. While most research at the time focused on adapting the harsh environment to suit the needs of the human, the Cerberus directors reasoned that it was far more efficient to adapt the human to suit the environment.

Their research led them to raise prodigies from around the world, some willingly and some less than willingly. By isolating what made these prodigies so special, they hoped to facilitate the next level in human development. In was during a project to understand the nature of so-called "precognitives" who supposedly were capable of seeing visions that they discovered the war that was being raged beyond human perception.

Two sides raged in the spirit realm, on one side the bestial Hollows and on the other the mysterious shinigami. What information was gained was mirrored by a thousand setbacks as their psychics and modified humans returned from data-gathering missions with large gaps in their memory. One thing was certain, in the crossfire of the great war, it was the humans who always paid the price.

Like the people who founded the Corporation, Cerberus rededicated itself to fighting the battle for human survival. By perfecting the advent human and his talents in their laboratories, they hope to safeguard the human race's survival and advancement from both shinigami and hollow.

Unfortunately, this purpose isn’t one that is particularly attractive to investors, and the company masquerades as a weapons and defense contracting firm, sending their augmented agents onto various battlefields in the world in return for the capital to fund their research.

Cerberus Corporation operatives are sometimes raised in the company’s schools for the “gifted,” which appear to the outside world to be private schools for the exceptionally talented, run by the Child Development Center department of the company. The majority of these students never truly awaken, but their potential can be unlocked by various chemical cocktails. Some agents are not above kidnapping, genetic tampering or corporate espionage if it means that they can further their research and engage in such things regularly.

Today, Cerberus has expanded worldwide, with bases in most of the world’s major cities. While they masquerade as different chemical manufacturing and contracting firms, their main goal still is the advancement of the human species. Certain bases act as hubs of information and command all bases within the said reigon. The Tokyo Base commands all East Asian and Oceania affairs. The Mumbai Base handles West Asian and Middle Eastern branches. The Berlin sector oversees Europe. The North American base is located in Chicago, while the South American branch is located in Brasilia.

The New Cerberus TokyoEdit

After the Tokyo Cerberus headquarters was lost when the Bank Tower building was destroyed, a new facility was constructed hidden underwater in Tokyo Bay. In the aftermath of the loss of so many human lives that day, Tokyo’s Cerberus has renewed its dedication to the human cause. Due to recent implications due to threats against the main departments, the organization has purchased one of the two Sougi Towers, to serve as a temporary base. The main departments include Research and Development, Independent Contracting, and Intelligence and Observation.

The Research and Development (or R&D) department is based out of the Yokoham Pharmaceuticals building, the main public face of Cerberus. While pharmaceutical research is done to a small extent here, there is far more going on below the surface. Cerberus scientists are attempting to unlock the secrets that will lead to full human potentiality and possibly create drugs that will allow non-awakened humans to reach this state. Research on hollows and shinigami is currently believed to be pivotal to moving these studies forward. Based out of the department’s base is the Cerberus Apothecary. Agents may also buy chemicals though the Cerberus Network.

While not officially part of the Research Branch, the Medical Center also operates out of the Yokoham Pharmaceuticals building. Members of this center are trained doctors and nurses who either have a medical-based release or are skilled with standard medical practices.

Injured agents as well as some test subjects are admitted into the center for rapid healing. This center houses both and ICU as well as a long term care ward. Due to the dangerous nature of agent activites, the Emergency Response Division is constantly busy. This area is overseen by an Overseer, whose job involves overseeing all center activities.

Independent Contracting (or Contracts) provides the central source of income to the company. Agents from this department are sent in teams to fulfill the various contracts Cerberus receives from anyone who can afford the fee, which usually means governments in need of outside aid. Wealthy entrepreneurs also often contract the abilities of Cerberus to tamper with rival companies. For the time being, this department has been moved to the Sougi Tower. Agents not on missions also provide the central form of protection for the new facility due to the increasing threat from outside forces.

Intelligence and Observation (or I&O) conducts any and all investigatory functions the company may require. The department includes a contingent of psychers using Seeker X to predict the future and astral project. Other agents may investigate any significant spiritual activity, including hollows, shinigami, and awakened humans, along with assessing and carrying out whatever should be done about any of these, if it is deemed a significant risk or asset to the company to do so. For the time being, this department has been moved to the Sougi Tower and agents not currently on missions are tasked with investigating increased shinigami activity as well as activity from the group know as Orpheus.

The Tokyo Cerberus Academy is officially a private school for the gifted, located near the shoreline of Tokyo Bay. Classes range from the same ones found at any other school to many that are specifically designed to train these gifted youngsters in their specific talents. Some potentiated students already act as agents at the same time (which keeps them from accruing too much debt to the company for tuition, room, and board as many are responsible for themselves). While it isn't required of young agents to finish school, it is highly encouraged that they get an equivalent to a degree and perhaps even take relevant college courses in Tokyo, within Cerberus, or through correspondence if they wish to have the best qualifications to advance through the company.

Due to recent threats against Cerberus assets, the location of Intelligence as well as Independent Contracting has been moved to the former Yamada Corporation Tower of the two Sougi Towers. Direct transportation to Research and Development has not been created yet, so operative so Research operatives must report to the Yokoham Pharmaceuticals building for the time being.


These are the official terms of Cerberus Corporation used for various parts of the supernatural world. While these are the terms taught at Tokyo Cerberus, not all agents learned these proper terms first if they were not raised by the company, and as such it is common to hear other terms as well, depending on the individual's history with the spiritual world.

Thanatoresonance - akin to reiatsu or reishi, the spiritual energy that gives humans supernatural powers.
Potentiated -akin to the term advent, this refers to those who have released their thanatoresonance in the form of superpowered abilities.
Potentiated Release - akin to the term First Stage Awakening, this refers to the uniquely manifested powers that the thanatoresonance of some agents takes.
Potentiated Evolution - another word referring to the True Awakening. This term is used for all manifested powers in the thanatoresonace of the agent in this stage.
Titan - akin to hollow, this term refers to spiritual monsters, most of which seem to have an affinity for consuming anything with high levels of thanatoresonance.
Theos - akin to shinigami or death god, this term refers to the beings that remove the dead from the earth.
Pneuma - akin to plus, this term refers to the being similar to a ghost that is invisible to most people.
Agoge - a location within the Tokyo Bay facility used for skill testing.
Tartarus - officially called the Annex, this location within the Tokyo Bay facility contains the cells of the most dangerous test subjects, often times agents who have lost their sanity and must be restrained for the general public's safety as well as their own.
Market Research - the official public title of the Intelligence and Observations Department.
Agora - A commonly used term to describe the Apothecary.

News and RumorsEdit

The massive restructuring of Cerberus has once again brought the company into the public eye. With a new chairman, he is attempting to remove all Chimera influences from within the company. Tensions between Orpheus and Cerberus remain high, as both groups are suffering from a lack of clear communication. The former Director, Moirin, has gone missing ever since her contact with Orpheus. This, along with the increased number of spiritual beings appearing in Tokyo has caused the Company to enter defensive maneuvers to ensure the protection of the Company's assets.

The Cerberus Apothacary Edit

Those at Cerberus Corporation are well aware the mind can function at elevated and altered states if given “chemical incentive.” Decades of research has led to the formulation of several drugs to augment their agents in the field and give them powers they otherwise wouldn’t have. Most of their projects never truly “awaken” making the use of these chemicals a must to satisfy their demanding clientele.

The chemicals are split into the following categories: Injections, Patches, Capsules and Toxins. Injections are items that enhance the user’s abilities by temporarily granting them a wide range of damaging abilities. Patches are supplementary items which are often bought with the other categories. These items enhance other chemicals by changing the nature of how the chemical works. Capsules augement the user’s current abilities by granting them a variety of beneficial buffs. Toxins on the other hand are specifically made to lower the combat ability of enemies and come in different forms which can be tailored to fit the situation.

Advent humans who inject these chemicals are often subject to unwanted side effects, which while not always permanent are not particularly pleasant. The Board recommends undergoing a full chemical decontamination upon returning from the field. To prevent damage to Company investments (i.e. you), the Board only approves the use of one chemical on any mission. DO NOT overdose or take a drug for which you do not meet the prerequisites (which in tests resulted in some very irreversible and often deadly side-effects, such as Cybercell recipients becoming deranged, robotic like killers interested only in senseless destruction of anything they see—including themselves).

The following are available to Cerberus Agents at a cost of credits earned through either the Salary tech or through bonuses obtained for work on company missions. (Obtaining drugs for the first time ought to be written about, and use your discretion after that).

Due to being rather extensive, the entire list may be viewed here.

Cerberus Techs Edit

[ Oushurin ] - "Controlled Response" Cerberus operatives know the value of reiatsu allocation during and battle and are adept at its usage. At the beginning of any battle, a Cerberus member may put up to 20% of his or her reiatsu away into storage. This reiatsu pool grows by 10% of that amount per round, up to +50% of the stored reiatsu.

This reiatsu must all be used in the round it is reclaimed.

[ Seigainin ] - "Extra -Terrestrial" As agents seek to further human evolution, they may find that some particular abilities of other races are impossible to match, and therefore learn to negate those threats. The user pays 5% of their reiatsu to warp the reiatsu in their next attack. The warped reiatsu takes the form of dozens of runes circling the chosen attack.

Once the attack hits the target, the poisonous signature infects the target, appearing as a circle of runes around the site of impact. While dormant initially, the effects of the virulent signature can be activated at anytime within the following two turns. When activated, they glow brightly and copy the color of the user's reiatsu.

When activated, the next ability the target carries out will have its cost increased by the amount the user paid in initially. This increased cost does not affect the strength of the attack. The user must wait two turns before activating this technique again.

[ Sougou ] - "Synthesis" Cerberus' wide Apothecary is a key part of the agent's life. While relying on their own powers is well and good, a properly chosen drug can change the tables instantly. The agent is trained in bolstering their body's ability to handle the effects of multiple drugs at the same time. However, when this is completed, they are able to access a new portion of the Apothecary, allowing them to fuse two individual drugs together. Each drug must be bought separately. This technique allows the user to have up to two drugs circulating through their system at one time.

By paying 150% of the cost of both drugs, the user gains the effects of both drugs simultaneously, for the greater of the two durations.

[ Kafuka ] - "Overload" While under the influence of a drug or drugs (injections, capsules, or toxins), the user can choose to spend the full cost of the drugs again to deliver their remaining effects to another person through a successful physical contact. This removes the effects from the user's body completely.

Base Techniques

[ Warimashi ] - "Bonus" This base tech adds benefits onto an agent’s Cerberus salary. The benefits come in the form of credits that can be spent within the company on the organizations’ items that have undergone enough testing to be viably used in the field, or on any other items available to all Advent Humans for purchase (e.g., kidou scrolls). An agent’s benefits scale along with his position into the following tiers:
Intern– 2k credits per week
Agent – 4k credits per week
Senior Agent – 8k credits per week
Vice Chairman/Chairman – 20k credits per week
Note: Additional salary bonuses may be earned through missions.

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Ciro Martelli

Hashira Riki


Shihara Zakki

Senior Intelligence Agent

Kumakchiki Maeda
Cerberus Agent

Nathaniel Ayers
Cerberus Intern

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