Eleventh Division: Fearless DuelistsEdit

Uniting the specialty of the old 1st Division together with the new 11th Division Captain’s personal ideals has given birth to a specialization befitting the former combat king of the Gotei 13.

The Eleventh Division's insignia.

The new philosophy commands that 11th Division members seek to acquire a state of fearlessness, a goal achieved only through the continual return to the battlefield. Things that frighten 11th Division members are to be challenged immediately, and through the confrontations, a unified character among the unit is formed. Exceptions have been stipulated, such as challenging high-ranking officials from other divisions and generally, any in-fighting between the coalition of Seireitei is discouraged, as ordered through legislature and direct requests from the Commander General. Thus, for organization’s sake, the fighting doctrine of the 11th has been drawn to redirect any potential fights with friends towards enemy-only combat, asking that 11th Division members “vent” their wants on the countless Hollows that still roam on Earth.

That having been said, there are always those who take to such notions passionately (and indeed, the Captain of the 11th is not one to deny his men a chance to face their fears), and so while this current 11th Division holds none of the insulting arrogance of its predecessors and interacts well with its fellow units, it has not stopped them from remaining as the number one fight instigator in the Gotei 13. The result is a dynamic balancing between the division and its peers, who, despite respecting and acting amicably towards their comrades from the 11th, remain wary and cautious around their presence.

Moreover, the 11th Division prides itself in one on one combat, such that if multiple 11th Division members engage a single enemy, they will rotate between them rather than attack in unison. This has led to some joint conflict between the 11th and its fellow Gotei members in the midst of amalgamated warfare, where the stories of 11th Division members politely refusing to fight the enemy with the aide of anyone else becoming fairly infamous.

Obviously, this issue is too large to ignore, especially if the opposition is a powerful enemy that can only be brought down together, and so the Captain of the 11th has specified a condition that must be met before an 11th Division member is allowed to forsake a joint offensive: the 11th Division member must be afraid of the enemy. Consequently, an equilibrium is drawn, in that 11th Division members are actively participating in battles so that they will be able to accept aide in the future when necessity demands it. Of course, it could be said that those foes who would be most likely to instill fear in the men and women of the 11th Division are the same ones who demand cooperation from all soldiers, but there is the flexibility of receiving orders from the Captain himself to disregard the duelist policy for certain battles, and so although there is always a bit of anxiety in teammates entering the battlefield with 11th Division members, the general trends do not result any disastrous problems. Indeed, since men usually do not fear that which is blatantly weaker than they are, this does not prevent officers and up from wiping out hordes of weak enemies...only those strong enough to engage in a serious battle provoke the one on one response.


The division's banner.

Additionally, in the tradition of many millennia, the 11th Division has stopped suppressing the “physical, non-kidou” zanpakutou as an underlying theme that is subtly suggested through various hints and rather pushed it as a blatant goal (and requirement) of the unit. A mastering of this sheer, raw power is a key objective to the division’s members. This does not downright deny 11th Division members the possession of an ability…only that the ability in question be a brute, physically-oriented attack, and not a conceptual status effect or the like. The hazy line that divides the two is determined by the Captain himself, who requests that all 11th Division members show him their abilities in a one on one fight that is mandatory to those preparing to be seated.

These facets have all united to create an 11th Division that attempts to stay true to the spirit of its ancestors while providing an opportunity for better relations between it and its fellow Gotei.

Division Techniques Edit

Animus Solitatus (Courage of Solitude)Edit

In the midst of the one on one battles an 11th Division member seeks to take part in, the nature of the duel imposes a rise in the resolution of the Shinigami, creating a temporary rise in their battle strength. This increase is reflected by better combat performance in the form of a 2% increase (stackable) to all stats excluding connection.

Stetit Audacter (He Stood Fearlessly)Edit

Demands made by the 11th Division Captain are treated reverently, and none more than the order to face one’s fears on the battlefield. This philosophy has been engrained thoroughly into the psychology and emotions of all 11th Division members, and they have undergone extensive training to ensure that in that moment where their body attempts to seize control, they will be able to overcome this flight response instinctually and continue battle. This technique is the culmination of this fearless demeanor, and is circumstantially activated. If the user willingly chooses to take a severe blow full on from his or her opponent, for a single time in the battle, the next retaliatory attack they land will carry normal damage plus the amount dealt from the hit absorbed earlier. Needless to say, this technique must be used wisely…if the enemy attack that is tanked is too strong, than the 11th Division member can either be KO’ed, weakened to a point too severe to even land a retaliation, or may not be able to offer a retaliatory assault of any substantial power, resulting in a mere equalizer, but with the 11th Division member’s energy reservoir now lower than before. That having been said, the technique has gained a large amount of renown and many potential foes have steered clear of engaging an 11th Division member simply due to this technique.

Munimentum Ad Umbris (Protection Against the Shadows)Edit

Physical zanpakutou are intended to be true tests of swordsmanship ability, but even the best wielder of a brute sword will have a difficult time fighting against conceptual “kidou” types and other metaphysical abilities without a zanpakutou shape or ability that aides in dealing with such foes. This technique is a failsafe for the 11th Division in these situations: the 11th Division member uses an enormous, concentrated burst of reiatsu to free themselves from the effect of a conceptual ability that is affecting them. They can only use this one time in battle, and any wounds gained from the ability will not be healed…only the effect itself will be revoked. This revocation works on physical abilities as well (such as poison), though its design is inherently based on dealing with a kidou-type adversary. It has no effect on zanpakutou abilities.

Extremus Via (Extreme Path)Edit

Though kidou-typed zanpakutou are banned and kidou itself is frowned upon, the 11th Decision members are instructed to train themselves in a single mid (40-69) level spell until they are able to use it instantaneously, no incantation or even recitation of the name being required. This technique is then used to enhance the strength of that single spell so that its effect is multiplied by a factor of 1.5. Granted, even though the training is extensive and focused on a single spell, the 11th Division members are simply not well adept to exerting their reiatsu in a manner befitting kidou spells, and so this technique can only be used twice in combat. Applying this technique to a spell ensures that it must be used in this manner, so there is no possibility of using the kidou in question other than the two times allowed.

Roster Edit

Leon Valiente Simeon - Captain
Yuzuki Masato - Acting Captain
Mabara Tsubaki - Acting Captain
Kanzaki Tetsuo - Vice-Captain
Reijuu Kyuketsu - Third Seat
Izuka Hikaru - Fourth Seat
Kansuke Yamana - Seventh Seat
Arashi Ryoujin - Ninth Seat
Moriyama Tokiwa - Unseated
Zakeriah - Unseated
Uehara Hayato - Unseated


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