First Division: Tacticians

While other divisions are concerned with individual purposes and specialties, the First division is concerned with bringing all the varied skills together to make the thirteen protection squads fight as a single Gotei.

This purpose has been made especially important in the wake of the Mask War where shinigami turned against shinigami. To this end, Commander Faust has conducted an extensive campaign of recruitment of promising candidates from other divisions in the Gotei in order to stem the elitism often associated with the first and replace it with a broad concern for the other twelve squads.

Members of the 1st are specially chosen, not for their combat prowess but for their leadership potential. All potential tacticians are tested in simulations using data from past battles and on the field where actions have real consequences before admittance.

Advancement in the 1st division comes from experience on the field rather than performance in the dojo and ambitious applicants looking to attach their name to the legacy of the 1st are often rejected. Service in the 1st typically consists of forming bonds with members and squads in the Gotei. It is said a member of the 1st can take a squad of unseated shinigami and transform them into a fighting unit capable of making even a Captain afraid.

In battle, members of the 1st command all those of similar rank or below. A 3rd seat in the 1st would command all 3rd seats, just as the Commander of the 1st commands all Captains.

Division Techniques Edit

Economy of Scale Edit

By harmonizing ones reiatsu signature with one’s allies, a member of the 1st can coordinate a vast shared energy field with which each member is able to leverage off the strength of the other. In this case, the total of the group’s energy is greater than the sum of the parts and so a passive reduction in cost is applied to any skill that costs reiatsu to use.

In order to use this technique, the user must be with those who are familiar to him, and the others must be familiar with each other. This means that in order to use Economy of Scale, the user must at least have United Front with those he is with, and additional members must have United Front with each other.

At United Front level all costs are reduced by 10%. This increases by 5% at United Defense and by another 5% at Fate of Triangles.

Blood Tithe Edit

Soldiers that have fought together through many battles develop a bond that is so strong it is like family. They move instinctively in response to each other and coordination becomes a subconscious effort.

Members of the 1st have taken advantage of this bond to form a network of reiatsu “webs” which connect a group together and heightens morale and recovery as each member’s strength and nullifies the individual weaknesses in the group.

This expresses itself in combat as an increased rate of recovery for both reiatsu and kidou thresholds. As before, to use this technique, the user must have United Front with the benefactors in the group and the individual members must have United Front with each other.

At United Front, reiatsu regenerates at the rate of 1% per round and kidou threshold (maximum reiatsu that can be spent casting kidou) recovers at 3% per round. At United Defense this increases to a 2% per round regeneration and a 4% kidou recovery. Finally, at Fate of Triangles this tops out at 3% reiatsu regeneration and 5% kidou recovery.

Synthesis Edit

Through vigorous training with members of other divisions, a member of the 1st can merge the style of his former division with that of a compatible style of another division. A member of the 1st can pick a division tech from a division and equip it. This may not be from the same division as the Prestige tech.

Prestige Edit

Each member of the 1st comes from other divisions so this slot represents that legacy. In this slot, a member of the 1st may keep a single technique from the division he was in previously to joining the first.

Induction into the First Edit

No one enters the 1st directly from the academy.

Induction into the 1st Division is a rare honor for shinigami and a goal for many in other divisions, either as a matter of prestige or as a springboard to higher ranks later in one's career. Many captains and higher seated officers have come from the 1st, due in large part to their training as leaders while in the division.

Eligibility is based on a distinguished record while in one of the other 11 divisions (the 7th being the exception) and a recommendation from one's Captain. While many Captains are reluctant to give up their best, it is recognized as an investment in the division to send a member as the 1st as many times, the member will return to the division they came from years later a better leader and fighter.

Once an application is accepted, the applicant is run through a test. The details of the test seem to change from applicant to applicant, but the general details seem to indicate running an applicant through a historical scenario and measuring their performance, both as a soldier and as a leader. Hardened fighters have failed spectacularly as well as calculating tacticians. The only one who seems to know the criteria for passing the test is the Commander himself.

Those who wish to apply for the 1st (you can't as an applicant, but you can later on in your time here), should PM DarkToaster or AIM him (mootiman) and arrange a test. Even if you think you will fail, it's still fine to try and you'll get points for the collab.

Roster Edit

Notable Former Members Edit

Ritoru Furousha - Captain of the Third Division
Louhi Kaiho - Captain of the Twelfth Division
Gabriel Faust XIII - CaptainEdit
Wisteria Rosenthal - 3rd SeatEdit
Kago Kazunari - 13th SeatEdit

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