Fourth Division: Healing and SupportEdit

As members of the Gotei 13, the healers of the 4th Division are capable fighters. Having trained alongside their brethren in the Academy, they have received the same instruction and testing required of all Shinigami.

As members of the healing division, the Shinigami of the 4th Division are made to further their knowledge of anatomy and physiology. This basic instruction provides the platform from which all healing paths spring. In addition to the training and practice of the medical arts, members of this division provide supply backup for their fellow Shinigami during battle situations. Utilizing their knowledge of the streets above and below the surface of Seireitei, they can be where their comrades need them to be.



Since very few shinigami exhibit the ability to heal, they are jealously horded and transferred to the 4th division for training in the ways of healing. Over time, a set of teachable kidou spells has been created in order to teach healers how to focus their power to heal instead of destroy. These specialized spells, chiyudou (Way of Healing), are taught only to members of the division. Only by training with a seated officer may a new recruit be taught the initial stages of chiyudou usage. This is the first tech that every member of the division will learn.

As the healers of Seireitei, only members of the 4th Division learn how to utilize chiyudou (way of healing). As such, these are division-only kidou for use in healing matters.

Chiyudou MasteryEdit

After an intensive training session with the Captain of the 4th division, healers will learn to better economize their energy when utilizing chiyudou. Once this is learned, chiyudou spells will take up half the normal number of kidou slots, giving healers more latitude in healing and in defense.

Ghost SurgeryEdit

Many times, a patient is afflicted with an illness or injury that is located in a place that is too delicate for surgery, yet must be healed to prevent loss of life. Upon learning this tech, a healer would learn to phase their hands so they could pass through their patient's body and operate on the damage. Requires the use of chiyudou #30 at the same time in order to see properly.

This tech can also be used offensively, but in a more limited manner. The user spends the equivalent of 5% of their target's reiatsu to reach a maximum penetration of 1 inch. With the high electrical activity in the brain, utilization of this tech isn't possible, since usage on the brain is only possible when the target is unconscious.

Numbing TouchEdit

For those instances when anesthetic isn't available, this technique would allow the healer to anesthetize a patient for a procedure or for transport. A secondary application would be for the numbing of an entire section of their patient's body with their touch. The numbing would only affect ennervation of the surface tissues, ie skin and muscles, where most sensory nerves are located.


Current MembersEdit

=====Captain - Makoto Matsumara
Vice-Captain - Emaru Akio
Ninth Seat - Anya Kumiho

Former Members
Captain - Moira Murray=====

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