Ninth Division: Research and Development

The 9th Division is a special Shinigami unit in charge of developing new technologies and kidou-based skills. They're also in charge of studying many of the unexplainable phenomena that occur in the many different realms. Their technological development ranges from creating simple devices to make everyday life easier, to creating pioneering technology in their field range.

The Kyuubantai members work with things as simple as household items to weaponry, producing devices and weapons for the Gotei 13 and other Central organizations while also making defense items for Seireitei as a whole. They are also known to produce and perform combat enhancing items and objects along with other useful knickknacks to be utilized in an area's specific line of work (e.g. spy gear for the Keigun, and research tech for the Onmitsu Kidou) when needed.

Known to perform multiple genetic and non-genetic research experiments, the Ninth division keeps records of all data on human, souls, hollows, and all other living beings along with many non-living objects like Zanpakutou and such. This is then applied in their human and technological modification practices, after which they record all the data they have received for use by the rest of Central.

Outside of their technical and research duties, the 9th is responsible for studying all unexplainable and paranormal occurrences within Soul Society, using the special equipment that they develop for the scenes. Logically the next step is to collect, decipher, and use whatever they find and find the reason that it had come to exist. And if something cannot be explained, they are still in charge of keeping record of said occurrences.

The members of the Ninth division are known for their intelligence. They have a very acute understanding of the world and are greatly curious about anything they can't understand, making them not only great scientists but also skilled combatants when needed due to their knowledge.

Though renown for their curiosity, the Kyuubantai Taisho are also feared because of it. Members of the division are known to get into trouble due to this, because these Shinigami are known to study any and almost everything that they can. That doesn't stop them however; they just try harder not to get caught the next time. Logical in almost every sense, the 9th division believes that there is a feasible explanation to almost everything. Not to say, however, that they don't know the supernatural exists. Just to say that they believe it exists for a reason.

Upon acceptance to the Ninth, special agents (PCs) are given a seal known only as the “Void”, or Kuukan. Discovered in conjunction with remnants of the Soul Data Project - the works of Seiji Yasuo, the reality distorted essence of the Rara Avis, and also fragments of the Lost Soul Project: a loosely related sister creation of the SDP, the Void is a unique power. Essentially this is a brand, or a tattoo, that manifests itself uniquely to the 9th Division Member and can appear anywhere on the body and have an intricate design. Mechanically, Kuukan is the bonded essence of a foreign power tying itself to the Officer's spiritual being.

Division Techniques Edit

Genkakuido - "Phantom Shift" Edit

A wise warrior knows their limits in battle and should know the proper time to escape. A clever spy is able to conceal one's being perfectly amongst their surroundings. With these two notions in mind the 9th Division Officer is able to make full use of his options.

To be able to utilize ability, the Shinigami taps into the power of the Void- the mark/seal/tattoo upon their body. This brand eventually alters the physical nature of the scientist, giving the user's body to literally meld into any non-living surface only as large as the practitioner's body - hence the name. Even in Soul Society any non-living surface is treated just the same as those in the Mortal Realm, allowing the 9th Division Officer to phase through their surroundings and hide. An added effect of the Void's ability enables the user to hide their Zanpakutou within their own phantom-like body.

The cost of Genkakuido is 2% of the user's Reiatsu per round. At first the practitioner may only use this skill and remain stationary, however, with higher amounts of Reiatsu and experience, they may be able to move within their environment. For every 1,000 Reiatsu gained 1 meter may be traveled, though at a higher cost of 3% Reiatsu per round, along with an additional 100 Reiatsu for every meter traveled.

Sanmei - "Third Eye" Edit

Officers of the Ninth are known for their intelligence and analytical ability. By further training and honing the reflexes and nuances of their minds, these people are then able to find out mechanics, structure, and weaknesses of almost anything surrounding them- and in this case their talents have been focused particularly on their possible enemies- Hollows, Arrancar, Vizards, Rogue Shinigami, Quincy, and Advent Humans.

Designed in training sessions with Demi-Hollows at first, next is sparring sessions with other Shinigami with combative techniques, and lastly are Soul Reapers with Shi Kai. The hopeful officer begins learning distinct yet subtle differences in the way their opponents move and act: when techniques and Kai abilities are being used. The instinct of the mind gathers this information quickly in battle and applies it abstractly. The Void aids in this process by infusing untapped power of the Soul to aid in the brain/ nervous system's functions.

Given enough time in combat, the user may ultimately know every detail concerning the technique/Kai and its weaknesses. And with an extra length of time, the studious practitioner may then be able to copy the technique (dependent on the technique itself; the user CANNOT copy Kai abilities/attacks).

First Level
Within 3 rounds of combat: Officer may be able to ascertain a technique upon witnessing it.
Second Level
Within 4 rounds of combat: Officer may be able to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of a Kai and its abilities upon witnessing it.

If the user is struck with the technique/attack/ability while trying to analyze it, it gives them further insight on how the ability is used; one less round is subtracted from figuring out their opponent's skills. More or less this technique lets the user bypass the feigning ignorance rule. Must have two training sessions each to have complete mastery.

Ikimi Kengeki - "Living Weapon" Edit

The Developers within the Kyuubantai Taisho shine with this technique. By literally crafting a desired limb of their own being to suit a purpose, the technological artisans weave a work of art upon themselves. Not for the faint of heart, those willing to sacrifice for a greater power may put their talents- and body- to use.

A certain limb/body part of choice is augmented and fused with biotechnology. The body part appears natural and still looks as if it is flesh and bone (thank the craftsmanship and biological know how of those at the Kyuubantai Taisho), but within houses durable Zanpakutou-strength alloys and mechanisms. Those pieces are powered by the Void; since part of that body is still living, it is still fully flexible and may be even more so depending on the modifications. The brave officer may choose one of three variations of this new limb:

  • Assault Type - The limb may transform into a Zanpakutou-strength weapon, whether it be a drill, a fist propelled by a retracting wire, a scythe to be plucked from an arm, or something within feasible limits. Used by those who prefer physical and melee combat, or an unexpected surprise in their repertoire. Reiatsu drain is 1% per round.
  • Defense Type - The limb may expand upon its surface area and change into a barrier, powered by Reiatsu and thus creating an even more durable shield. It may specialize in either physical or energy based defenses, but only form or the other. It may take the damage of 1.25x the user's Reiatsu, but not much more. Reiatsu drain is 5% per activation, each use gained per every 3,000 Reiatsu.
  • Demon Magic Type - The limb is turned into a literal Kidou Scroll; any one Kidou numbered 30 and below may have its Incantation Bypassed, its cost reduced by 25%, and does not take a Kidou slot, but only for its first two uses, wherein it reverts to becoming a normal Kidou spell and retains its actual cost and must be incanted if necessary. User must have the Kidou stat prerequisites to equip said spell. Number of uses is dictated by Kidou spell chosen and Kidou stat.

By any chance the limb is broken during battle, as a last ditch maneuver, it may be infused with Reiatsu and discharged as a small bomb, or more like a grenade; shrapnel laced with Reiatsu expands outwards in a 10 foot radius. The cost and damage is 5% of the user's Reiatsu, and of course the limb is completely gone (so this may not be a viable option if the body modification is in a leg).

Only one variation may be chosen. Modifications can be changed weekly. An additional variation/mod may be added once the Officer reaches 4,000 Reiatsu. Maxes out at 2 modifications total. Must be approved by Captain.

Kuukanai no Seimei - "Life Within the Void" Edit

A Shinigami must be careful with the expenditure of his Reiatsu. A precaution of overexerting oneself in battle is thusly taken by utilizing the extraordinary gift of the Void. This allows the practitioner the ability to use the last spark, their remaining life essence, to either create a last attack or run away from battle.

By placing small portions of the Officer's Reiatsu within the seal throughout a day, the Void becomes a container of spiritual pressure. A maximum amount of 15% Reiatsu may be stored. Once activated, the Void's marks wrap around the user's body, becoming a living artwork of Reiatsu and bequeath the practitioner with their stored spiritual pressure immediately.

Kuukanai no Seimei can only be used once per day/battle and gives the user 15% Reiatsu within the same turn of activation. Only to be used to recover lost Reiatsu (meaning it cannot increase base Reiatsu).

Division Item Pack Edit


A drastic upgrade to the normal Shinigami cellphone; replicates the Earth version of a Blackberry, made with the concept of 'Knowledge is Power'. Contains the radical Hollow Early Detection System, or HEDS for short. HEDS detects a Hollow's presence before the departments in SS, and also senses plane disturbances faster than conventional Shinigami equipment. Can roughly (though almost accurately) translate size of energy presence and number in invaders.

Houses data with a live feed to the 9th Division's Database and can be used to pull up information. May also be used to run diagnostics and comes with a full GPS-like map of SS and Earth (instead of sattelites, spiritual based ley lines are used instead), a photo recognition system for researching unknown devices in the ninth’s database.

Includes a device that is able to take and store material samples and scan for all known compounds it is made of. Is voice activated and responds only to the particular 9th Division Member's biosignatures/touch. “Don't leave home without it.”


Made specifically for the 9th Division's fieldwork and are the upgrades of normal Shinigami glasses, though they are really lenses and can be integrated into a Shinigami's normal glasses if need be. Prometheus records real time data for researching purposes and also has a specialized setting for night vision (mainly to record in the dark) .

Also useful when battling with hollows; it documents hollow abilties for later analysis for weaknesses and information. May also establish a live feed with Athena, so that the user may simply pull up information to see on their own glasses, and is also voice activated and will not work under any other Shinigami, only responding to the biosignatures of the user.


The Shinigami version of a Swiss Army Knife, made for the technologically dependent members of the 9th. Although simple in design, its function is completely unique and complex. More or less appearing to be just a handle to a normal tool (about the size of a boxcutter), the technology within houses a sort of shifting mechanism to easily change between tools. By simply turning a dial on the handle, a Shinigami can pull up tools ranging from a knife, a hammer edge, screwdrivers, wire strippers, tweezers/pliers, reamer/puncher, scissors, corkscrew, can/bottle opener, and other small necessities. Only responds to the biosignatures of the user.


Named after the Greek Godess of paths and traveling, she was associated with the ways to Hades. Hecate is similar to a phone/remote control; however what the user punches into the machine performs a very special task. This item allows the 9th Division member to hack into and literally change the Gotei-wide Shinigami system of travel known as Charon's Road for their own purposes; in other words this lets the 9th Division member moveable access to almost anywhere within Seireitei/Soul Society. Only responds to the biosignatures of the user.

In battle Hecate may be used to escape and traveling back to the original site of battle cannot be done. Immediate and subsequent uses are impossible, as the machine requires about half an hour to be used once again (rerouting the traveling system, ensuring the user doesn't end up landing upon/within something).

Roster Edit



  • Nakami Kihou

5th Seat

  • Syfir Cermeiss

6th Seat

  • Kai Tuo Zi


  • Shingo Kyōmori
  • Xavier Victorious III
  • Giorgio Ricasoli
  • Yamada Gotsu
  • Lim Tae Young

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