Second Division: The Most Magical Division

The Second Division is among you, invisible against the backdrop of amiable passers by. They spy in plain sight, relying on guile and misdirection rather than the uncouth weaponry of the more violent divisions. The Second Division deploys not to distant battlefields, but to inns, cafes, corporations and mansions.

Dueling with words rather than blades, the Second Division nests itself in the centers of power, detailing every wrinkle and curve in the organs of state before their comrades in arms are called in to destroy. Many in the Second are often disappointed with the simple brutality of the heavy combat divisions, who, in their minds, too often use a cannon to smite a fly.

Often targets of opportunity are quietly forwarded to a friend in the 12th Division, whom they consider to be at least more subtle than the 10th or 11th Divisions. The 2nd's spies prefer to avoid dirtying their own hands, and are often much more skilled in fleeing and avoiding combat than in perpetuating it. If they had their way, the 2nd would simply abolish war forever in favor of an endless springtime of tea parties and maid cafes.

This attitude is often regarded as soft by the other Divisions, further earning them their ire in spite of the inherent sociability of the spies of the 2nd. They often work alone, at least in thought if not in company. They strengthen their skills through success in deception, rather than might on the battlefield.

The Second is always the cleanest of the Divisions, though this may be in part due to mysterious acts of vandalism that tend to occur in the other Divisions. Recently large quadrants of the Division have been walled off and the rather industrial sounds emanating from the hidden corridors seems to indicate that it is going under renovations.

Former Captains Edit

Rei Jiiro
-Killed during Hueco Mundo invasion
Sophia Spora
-Killed during the Mask War by Seisatsu Kuragari
Taizen Ranmyaku
-Resigned after defeat of LaSalles due to injury

Division Techniques Edit

Dummy Reiatsu Edit

Weak as they are, members of the 2nd make the most of what little they have available. Through strenuous training, the user develops their ability of Reiatsu modulation, artificially suppressing and boosting their energy signature. This substantially camouflages the user's Reiatsu, allowing it to appear as low as 1% or as high as 500% of its actual value.

With sufficient practice, a member of the 2nd Division can create additional signatures at a distance from themselves, causing a chaff-like effect of dispersed Reiatsu signatures. This separation, however, requires both a large amount of practiced skill and a certain degree of focus, especially when the technique is first being learned, since projecting the signature to such a distance can cause great strain on the user. Masters of this technique can imitate entire squads of soldiers from a distance, though the usefulness of such large-scale bluffs decreases to practically nothing as the opponent approaches their position, at which point individual signature copies become more practical.

Reiatsu Bluff (down to 1%): FREE
- Reiatsu Bluff (up to 300%): 100 Upgrade Points

Reiatsu Signature Copy 1(One extra signature): 200 Upgrade Points
Reiatsu Signature Copy 2 (Two extra signatures): 300 Upgrade Points

Signature Imitation (Reiatsu of another race):
-Hollow Signature: 200 Upgrade Points
-Arrancar Signature: 300 Upgrade Points
-Vizard Signature (Masked): 350 Upgrade Points

Squad Reiatsu Signature Simulation (Imitate the signatures of a squad of 30): 400 Upgrade Points

Sensory Hijack Edit

Members of the 2nd division are masters of blending the casual with the professional, and find it difficult to separate their daily lives from those of their jobs. Simply by making physical contact with a target, a 2nd divisioner can infiltrate one of their senses, allowing them to see what they see, hear what they hear, or feel any one of their other senses, all without their target knowing. A sensory hijacking can last for several days, as long as the target and the hijacker stay within about a mile of each other.

Polygraph Edit

The 2nd Division prides itself on being capable of squeezing valuable information from any source. Through intense conditioning and repeated exposure, a member of the 2nd Division becomes aware of the subtle inflections and the unconscious twitches of a target, allowing them to read into their mental state and become aware of whether the target is telling the truth. Or at least, if the target thinks they are. Masters of this technique can detect a lie simply by reading a target's Reiatsu signature, making them potent lie detectors with even the most minimal information. As a side effect, users of this technique become aware of their own tells, making it much easier for them to control their own expressions, body language, etc in the face of stressful conditions.

Read Target with 75% user's Reiatsu: FREE
Read Target with 100% user's Reiatsu: 100 Upgrade Points
Read Target with 150% user's Reiatsu: 200 Upgrade Points

Cipher Edit

Finding direct confrontation distasteful, the 2nd Division requires alternate means of pursuing their goal. As such, they have developed a massive codex of alternate languages, composed of bodily motion, spoken word, and any combination thereof. The result allows any two members of the 2nd Division to communicate freely with one another without any eavesdropper being able to understand what they are really talking about. Furthermore, members of the 2nd Division are fluent in practically all known languages, allowing them to comprehend even the most obscure human tongues.

The 2nd Division has codes for every sort of communication, allowing them to pass on confidential information even in the presence of enemies without fear of it being intercepted. The influence of the Lasalle twins on the Onmitsu Kidou resulted in the supreme application of this technique: applied to kidou, this technique allows the caster to substitute an incantation with any words of their choosing, increasing the spell's cost by 1.5x.

Roster Edit

Captain - Chiaki Koganemushi
Vice Captain - Spunky Winklebeans
Third Seat - Akiyama Touru
Fourth Seat - Nero
Twentieth Seat - Fuyukaen Neku
Twentieth Seat - Ishikawa Kiyoshi

Remora Tegutai
Jakob Strauss

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