Seventh Division: Enforced Criminal Service

As the moniker implies, the Seventh Division was originally established by the Captain Commander for the purpose of giving those who have incurred a debt to (Soul) society a chance to redeem themselves in a constructive, non resource draining manner. However, upon taking the reins of this fledgling division, the current Captain has added a second, equally as important aspect to the Seventh Division's purpose. That is to offer those who are owed a debt by (Soul) society a chance to regain what was rightfully theirs, making it not only a vehicle of redemption for the guilty, but a path of freedom for the innocent.

The concept of the Seventh Division is a simple one: "Redeem yourself under our direction and you shall be forgiven, prove yourself blameless and we shall acknowledge you." To do so, members who are chosen for admission into the Seventh Division (or are sentenced to long term service) are sent on missions of an unsavory variety, in short, suicide missions. For every successful mission completed, time is subtracted from the convict's sentence. Such a pattern would continue until a convict's crimes have been paid in full either by the completion of their service commitment or in death.

Despite its penal origins, the Seventh Division is by no means anything as lowly as a simple jail or halfway house. It is a proud organization of individuals with a united cause just as any other Division within the prestigious walls of Seireitei. As such it is the present captain's prerogative to hand select those worthy of the privilege of serving the greater good. Such personal attributes as determination, cunning, intelligence, strength, dependability, among much, much more are a must for consideration. For without any one of such qualities one would not survive the rigors of such an opportunity nor would they even be deserving of it.

The Seventh is also unique in another way. It is the only Division in the Gotei that has members that were not members of the academy. Point of fact, most members were criminals from the lower priveledged districts of Rukongai. They were sentenced to serve time in the Seventh divisions prison and, while there, learned to harness their reiatsu. Some of these members resent that they have basically been forced to be shinigami, but others see it differently. They see it either as a tool to use to gain respect, or a gift to use in hopes of redeeming themselves in their eyes and the eyes of others.

Division Techniques Edit

Reiatsu Seal Edit

With the shackles that all members of the division wear being a nuisance at first, the members of the Seventh have found a unique use for them. A member of the division that knows this tech may alot a certain percentage of their reiatsu into their shackles, which have a seal. Inside the seal, the reiatsu is ever growing, and once released it is reabsorbed by the contributor. The effect is not permanent, however, and it will wear off after a time. Then, once the effects have completely faded, the user my transfer more reiatsu into the seal and start the process over again.

The base amount that can be stored in the seal is ten percent, which can be raised to a maximum of twenty percent. The return per round is fifteen percent per round, which can be raised to twenty percent per round. After four rounds, the multiplier stops, and the stored reiatsu stays at that point. Once released, it may be utilized for a maximum of four rounds.

The perks that are upgraded for this tech are the amount invested and the return per round. To increase, each point requires one hundred redemption points. The initial investment requires one thousand points to top out, and the return requires five hundred. To max out this tech, fifteen hundred redemption points must be spent.

Double Edge Sword Edit

The members of the Seventh have earned a reputation for not caring what happens to them, and doing everything necessary to ensure that they win. Even if that means getting themselves killed in the process. This tech increases the damage caused by the user, but also increases the damage they take as well.

The base damage increase, both given and taken, is ten percent.

The upgrades to this tech come in three different varieties. First, the damage modifiers are increased. For every hundred points spent, the percentage increases by one, up to a max of twenty. After twenty percent, only the damage dealt increases, with no change to the damage received. Second, for two hundred points, the attacks ignore damage reduction. Last, for a final two hundred points, the effects of regeneration are nullified. To max out this tech, nineteen hundred redemption points must be spent.

Stubborn Endurance Edit

Due to the fact that they are, as most affectionately called by the gotei, expendable suicide soldiers, the shinigami of the 7th have learned how to keep fighting even after a normal person would have stopped being able to move. With this tech, which was developed by Ishin from his many uses of Threshhold, the seventh division member will keep fighting past the bodies limit.

Basic tech starts as a free use of threshhold.

The perks of this tech come in two forms. The first, after every two hundred points spent, negative effects such as poison are reduced for one round, up to a maximum reduction of three rounds. Note this can never reduce the number below one. Next, for purposes of kidou, feats or techniques that has its effects based on comparative reiatsu (such as Louhi Kaiho's Reiatsu Scar personal feat), for every two hundred points spent increases the threshhold from 100% by 10%. to a maximum of 130% for purposes of that comparison. To max out this tech, twelve hundred redemption points must be spent.

Ravenous Fury Edit

Being the murderers, convicts, and otherwise malcontents that they are, the seventh division loves to fight. They have an unnatural blood lust that takes over them in the middle of a fight, prompting them to continue to inflict damage. When they get hit, this blood lust weakens.

The blood lust comes in the form of a boost to the shinigami's primary combat stat (chosen when they take the tech, unchangeable once chosen). It starts at 5% for the first hit, and for every hit afterwards is raised by an additional 5%, to a maximum of 20%. For every hit taken by the user, though, the bonus decreases by 5%, to a minimum of 0% increase.

The perks that can be upgraded for this tech is the ability to ignore hits that would normally break the chain. For every hundred points spent, one hit may be ignored, up to a maximum of five hits to be ignored. To max out this tech, five hundred redemption points must be spent.

Missions Edit

S Class
400 - 500 Redemption

These missions are considered certain death by most. Many would never even consider going for these missions. Only the strongest members of the Seventh stand a chance of actually completing them, and must go through the captain to gain permission before even attempting them.*

A Class
301 - 400 Redemption

These missions, while extremely difficult, can be completed by some of the higher ranked officers. Lower officers might have a small modicum of success as well, but only in a group of people.*

B Class
201 - 300 Redemption

The average difficulty mission for the Seventh. These missions, while hard for some, are not too much of a chalenge for those that are at Tenth seat or above. Lower seated officers, or even unseated, might be assigned to accompany their superiors to provide support.

C Class
101 - 200 Redemption Points

The first missions considered extremely dangerous. These are missions that some have failed at and perished. These are the initiation missions, if you will, as you must complete at least one of these to be allowed to participate in the higher ranked missions.

D Class
0 – 100 Redemption

These missions are not all that suicidal in nature, These are actually enforced labor, if anything. These missions entail working along with other divisions, basically as test subjects for their uses. A perfect example would be as a test subject for the Ninth divisions research, the Fourth Divisions new healing techniques, or the Twelfth division as training for tracking a target.+

*: Recommended as a collab for the 7th shinigami with members of another division.

+: Collab with a member of another division required.

Roster Edit

Captain - Katsuji Ishin
Vice-captain - Bayushi Shoju
15th Seat - Niklas Kierkegaard
15th Seat - Bou Rashii

Laughing Wolf
Sakurai Souji
Uuria Akio

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