Tokyo Nishi Koutougakkou


For those who aren't ready or don't want to choose an organization you can always enroll at the local high school!

Well, if you haven't guessed it, Tokyo Nishi Koutougakkou is stationed in Tokyo, Japan!

Tokyo Nishi Koutougakkou is your average Japanese high school. Giant gates lead you in to an active courtyard where most students, without club rooms to go to, just stand around before and after school to socialize before the faculty shoos them away.

Inside the school there are specific lockers for students to house their sneakers before you enter the hallways. There are two levels to the school and most learning classrooms are housed on the second floor while club rooms and other various locations (like the faculty office and cafeteria) are kept below.

The rooftop is another favored spot by the cliques at TnK. Its heavily populated during lunch by the various cliques who believe in snacking on their bentos instead of fighting for the bread or meal of the day served two levels below.

The hallways at Tokyo Nishi are usually packed and crowded. Students block entrances to just about everything in their procrastination. There are two entrances in to each classroom in the front and back. Students pretend to listen to the ramblings of their teachers in these rooms. The walls were painted a slight tint of blue to create a 'calming' effect on students but it has done little to calm the raging hormonal mass of knowledge eaters.

The rooftops are the most popular place in the entire school for an unknown reason. Despite students' pleas the faculty has yet to add any tables or seating as a comfort but that doesn't stop the population from occupying the space. Rumor has it two students committed suicide after school after jumping but that's done little to deter people from enjoying the warm sun as they munch upon their bentos and breads; the rooftop is particularly busy during lunch hours.

The student council room is bare yet it has a comfy charm to it as well. By the large windows sits a huge couch that has been the hot spot for many rumors to take flight. The liability of these sayings is debatable as the student council is very strict on the use of their room.

Faculty Edit

Principal - Higashiyama Yuriko
Higashiyama Sensei Yuriko isn't seen very often mingling with students as paperwork and other official responsibilities usually keeps her occupied. She's great friends with her Vice Principal and trusts him to handle the discipline of the school for the day while she attends to securing a future for the population of TNK.

Vice Principal - Timka Kaneda
Timka is often seen with a hearty smile on his face or a mighty laugh rumbling the very foundation of the school. He's a gentle man with a large physical stature. Greying hair and a few wrinkles proclaim a testament to his true age. He finds humor in most situations and often finds the squabbling between teachers more of a form of entertainment than a problem. Nonetheless, Timka takes his job seriously and when his duty is compromised he can become a fearsome behemoth.

School Nurse - Yuno Asahara
Yuno (students she known for more than a year or so tend to be really laxed in speaking with her and she's fine with that) is a notorious gossip machine. She likes to interfere in matters that don't concern her whether their student or faculty related. Though she dresses in a sexy manner, her mind is focused on one man in particular (direct opposite of the scandalous librarian) - a man by the name of Juuka. Secretly she pines for the handsome teacher but keeps her advances to herself. In the meantime, she's content with poking her nose about and offering advice to her injured visitors.

School Librarian / Computer Lab Teacher - Dixie Summers
The school's librarian and computer lab teacher is a young, fiesty woman with long blonde locks and bright blue eyes. Though she's been in Japan for quite some time, her bloodline is purely American. Looking to explore the world, she found her pit stop in the cherry blossom colored country more permanent then she expected. She loves to read though her preference is romance novels littered with 'tasteful smut'. Her romantic tastes are rumored to spread to the male population of the senior class. TNK Vixen or an innocent flirt? Who knows?

Senior Math Teacher - Kamamoto Sensei
Rumor has it he has bright blue eyes but no one can see past the constant glare on his huge, black rimmed glasses. Black hair kisses his crown and he's only slightly overweight. He's a fairly young man in age compared to the other faculty members. Tends to drone on a lot and loves the subject he teachers with a monotone / burning passion. Students tend to fall asleep in his class easily as he's just as boring as most find the topic he lectures to be. Forgot to submit a picture to the year book staff after a long night of number crunching.

Senior History Professor - Kosshi Sensei
A rugged man who cares little for his appearance. He’s lean but unhealthy; the school nurse’s sarcastic remarks about his chain smoking killing him easily dismissed. Kosshi was picked on a lot in high school. Not much has changed as he’s scruffy and usually reeks of cigarettes but because of his intimidating nature no one dares pester him of the feint odor. ( He's extremely sensitive on the matter of his past! ) He tends to get power drunk off of his authority and is known to send whole classes to detention if they cross him.

Home Economics / Dance - Angela Washington
Player: Sing with Abandon
Angela is a tall, middled aged African Amercian woman with a passion for what she loves. While pleasantly plump, she commands a large amount of respect. One of her most famous lines is rumored to be, "Sew in a ****ing line!" Angela is also the coordinator for the school's dance club!

  • OOG Note: A monitor for the 2nd Division: undercover Shinigami.

Senior Japanese Teacher - Juuka Sensei
Medium build, Japanese man. Dark, ….uniquely styled hair shoots out from his head. Even though the students giggle and snort at his personal style preference, Juuka Sensei is a fun teacher with an air of youth about him that usually gains him respect. He was a trouble maker back in his day so he’s rather empathetic to the hallway rats at TNK. After school his phone rings a lot so perhaps he's a lady's man out of school?

Senior Geography Teacher - Lee Sensei
Dull, brown eyes and similar colored hair set his palette of being. He’s an all around uninteresting guy unless you’re a trouble maker looking to push his buttons and send him in to a mental breakdown. Lee Sensei runs the detention hall where he’s known to become worried when he thinks about the hoodlums in his presence. They all have the potential to become future murderers and insane asylum bench warmers as far as he’s concerned.

Senior Science Teacher - Rebecca Warne
Player: Rufus
Affectionately referred to as Won-Sensei. Rebecca is one of the most loved teachers to grace the halls of TNK. Though she denies it, the boys all gossip about her great figure. However, the adoration doesn’t just come from this European’s foreign ‘attributes’ but from the degree of respect she shows the students and her enthusiasm for their endeavors. Its rumored that she doesn’t get along with some of her fellow faculty but that only heightens her reputation among the younger crowd even if her lingo is out of date and her Japanese is funny at times.

English Teacher - Nakamura Ken
Player: Voidox
Being the new teacher at Tokyo Nishi, not many know of Ken and what he's about; even the other teachers are still getting to know him. Still, from the few classes he's taught, students find him a friendly and helpful teacher whose pretty forgiving about things than what you'd think when first looking at him. Interestingly enough, Ken has yet to be seen angry or seemingly irritated even when catching a student breaking the rules or about the usual annoyances with students and work as a teacher.

Senior Gym Teacher - Ai Hirasaka
A female teacher running Gym got some mixed reactions but Hirasaka Sensei is quite the athlete with a dedicated history to TNK in her past. One will usually see her with bandages or stitches from her competitive participation in whatever she has her students doing that day. This lady isn't afraid to get dirty in the name of sport! She a proud but good hearted woman with a saucy (when challenged) but kind disposition.

School Clubs Edit

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, students can gather in Angela Washington's company to express themselves through dance. For those who know her through the Home Economics class she teaches, her harsh tongue and critique is taken with a healthy amount of sugar; however those who are inexperienced should take caution! While she shows nothing less than devoted love toward 'her babies', she has been known to ignore non-dancers.

After School Hot Spots Edit

Within a semi-reasonable walking distance from the school is an extremely large and successful arcade that houses the most popular video games! Many otaku and gamer types crowd here for friendly ( and not so friendly ) competition!

The arcade itself is open and bright upon entrance but grows dimmer and darker as you are pulled deeper inside. While the beginning of your adventure inside you're met with cute games to draw in the crowds, in to the heart of the beast you find your more hardcore gamers and difficult games. How far do you dare enter?

Table Top Gaming
Next door to the noisy arcade sits a small, modest building full of Tokyo's finest in nerd-dom. With their card battles and war raging armies of model monsters, this location appears to be a geek's paradise. However, don't jump in to the store shouting insults unless you cherish your life! This location is the headquarters for a small community of teenaged gamblers. In the back rooms a rough looking crowd places bets on a variety of games. A balance is met through a contract of trust. The mob in back protects the nerds from intruders and bullies while the geeks offer a wonderful cover up for their covert operations. A match made in heaven...

The Candy Shop / Yajirobe's Vault
Though down town there are several shiny and spectacular lookin candy shops, a more run down establishment has been the hot spot for a ton of Tokyo Koutougakkou's female population. A good distance from the school, toward the more residential area, is a small but quiant two story building where one of the school's most popular students works. Odd happenings are said to occur in and around that area but a more popular rumor is that the employee actually lives on the second story of the building. The cute guy that once worked there, Atsuma Sanada, has disappeared.

J-School Techniques Edit

These are techs that are special to J-School members only.

Kotzugai - "Allowance" Edit

J-school members are allotted 1000 yen as an allowance a week (about 10 dollars). Your parents are cheapskates, but this money can come in handy in buying all sorts of items.

Kidou Scrolls - Local shrines sell these "spells" as good luck. Few people are really so superstitious to believe these work in this day and age, but those with reiatsu have found that they can actually make the spells work by imbuing a little power into the scrolls.

Kidou scrolls are one-time use items that replicate the effects of a one slot spell (Kidou 1-20). A character can carry 5 at a time. The cost of the spell is the same as it would be for a shinigami, but as the incantation is on the scroll with the appropriate rituals involved, the user doesn't need to do anything but pay the cost of the spell in reiatsu.

Each kidou scroll costs the price in reiatsu in yen. So, if a 1000 kidou spell were to be purchased, it would cost 1000 yen.

O-59 "Peashooter" - These standard handguns has been smuggled out of parts unknown by a Yakuza heist and sold on the black market for dirt cheap. The guns appeared to come from some research and development firm, but upon testing didn't seem to do anything special. You might notice that these weapons happen to work against spiritual beings, but the black marketers sure don't.

Guns are generally illegal in Japan, so be careful. Who knows who could come looking for their weapons back?

Costs: 10,000 yen
Ammo: 700/clip

Injectables - C'mon kid, this stuff will make you feel like superman and that's no lie. You know you want some. I'll cut you a special deal since I like you so much. I got this yellow stuff, this red stuff, this blue stuff and if you are really feeling daring you can try the black stuff. Just call me the candy man, kid. (See the Cerberus Apothecary for more info on what these do)

  • Yellow (3 doses) - 1000 yen
  • Red (3 doses) - 1500 yen
  • Blue (5 doses) - 2000 yen
  • Black (3 doses) - 2500 yen

These items DO take up slots! Keep that in mind when making purchases! Also, write purchasing these things! D: Don't just go, "Oh! Wow! Yay, I just acquired a gun conveniently!

Muzai - "Innocence" Edit

School members are usually young and idealistic, making them fast friends with all those around them. Their youth and naivete often get them into trouble, but the bonds they form are long lasting. Word count with their nexus partners is effectively 1.5x for the purposes of working toward United Front techs.

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