Twelfth Division: Tracking and Assassination

Often, a government must have people break the law in order to uphold it. This paradox is why the 12th division exists.

As the assassins of the Gotei 13, the 12th division is called upon to eliminate the enemies of Soul Society, whether they are hollow, rogue, human or otherwise. The nature of these tasks often requires members of the 12th to work under the utmost secrecy, beyond the red tape of the Central 46.

Because many of their missions are off the radar, many of the higher-ups in Seireitei are left purposely ignorant in order to maintain deniability. Failure to complete a mission quietly often results in the operatives being labeled as traitors and rogues to save face. It is not uncommon for members of the 12th to be called to hunt their former comrades who have botched a mission.

While operatives in the 12th are often not given support in any official capacity from their superiors, they do maintain close ties with the intelligence gathering entities of Seireitei such as the 2nd Division, the Onmitsu Kidou and the Keigun. To put it simply, these agencies are the eyes of the Gotei, while the 12th is the hand. They find the problem, and the 12th eliminates it.

To accomplish this task, the 12th utilizes techniques that some would consider unsavory or dishonorable. The 12th will often poison, stab in the back or gang-up on their target if it gets the job done. To the member of the 12th, the kill is everything, and the means is unimportant.

Naturally, this puts them at odds with many of the other divisions, particularly the heavy combat divisions who have more lofty ideals. They are often feared, hated or shunned, a sentiment the 12th often returns. While their nature may make them seem to be natural lone wolves, if anything, the opposite is true. In the field, no assassin operates alone, and there is a professional camaraderie between all members of a squad.

Unlike the other divisions, the 12th's techniques do not strengthen based on spiritual pressure, but rather experience in the field. Each technique may be upgraded by obtaining "bounty points" by hunting down and eliminating targets.

Former Captains: Edit

Kento Calintz Daymea
-killed during Hueco Mundo invasion

Gabriel Faust XIII
-resigned during the Mask War, returned to the Gotei as Soutaichou

Division Techniques Edit

Slipstream Edit

In a race, those behind the leader have the advantage of “drafting” as the leader makes a buckle in the air in front of him, thus lowering the wind resistance and making the work easier for those who stay close.

This principle has been applied to shunpo. As the “leader” enters his own flash step, he may take his allies with him, allowing the fastest person in a hunting group to drag his slower associates into flash-step to spring a surprise attack.

The person entering the flash step pays the full price in reiatsu for the technique and those accompanying him pay half the price. The lead runner may substitute his own reiatsu to cover for his allies, if the allies are unable or unwilling to pay the price themselves.

Unwilling targets cannot be dragged into the slipstream, nor can hostile targets, projectiles or kidou.

The amount of participants in the slipstream is limited to the practitioner’s skill and experience in the field. Additional participants may be purchased with bounty points at an increasing rate to a maximum of 5.

  • 1 target: FREE
  • 2 targets: 300 bounty points
  • 3 targets: 350 bounty points
  • 4 targets: 400 bounty points
  • 5 targets: 450 bounty points

Sentekiou - "Battle Adaptation" Edit

A hunter is always a master of the elements that surround him, using every feature of the current situation to fulfill the objective. The longer he monitors his opponent, the more perfect a weapon he becomes for the destruction of those he has been assigned to kill.

This expresses itself in battle as a change in combat priority. If the hunter believes that more speed and less technique would be required then he will factor this into his technique. If he finds that hand-to-hand combat is necessary then he will forgo weapon specialization to focus on his Hakuda and so on.

The adaptation begins as a redistribution of 50 of Zanjutsu, Hakuda or Hohou into one of the mentioned stats per round. As the user becomes more powerful, so does his ability to adapt; his style becoming as fluid as water. Thus, for each 1000 Connection, the user is able to shift another 50 per round.

The user of this technique may spend bounty points to supplement his skill. He may spend 50 bounty points per 50 in shiftable stats (i.e. for every 1000, 50 bounty points may be spent) to add 50 points in movable stats.

Reiatsu no Senpuku - "Reiatsu Cloaking" Edit

The user of this technique is able to bend his reiatsu in unnatural directions enabling him through practice to bend his aura to mimic the ambient reiatsu in his immediate area, effectively dropping out of spiritual perception. With practice, the user of this technique can even distort in an area, allowing the user to blend in to his surroundings as if he weren’t there. Advanced users may even be able to hide others in their cloak or even distort light to appear as someone else.

Excessive movement, Shunpo, and release of Shikai will all break the active camouflage, but only Shikai can break the reiatsu suppression. As reiatsu is a natural part of the shinigami’s being, bending and twisting it into unnatural shapes and forcing it to emit natural properties is extremely unnatural. Doing so can be excruciatingly painful at first until the user develops “reaitsu flexibility.”

The following upgrades can be purchased for Reiastsu no Senpuku:

Reiatsu Cloaking: FREE

  • Multi Cloaking 1 (one extra target): 100
  • Multi Cloaking 2 (two extra targets): 200

Active Camouflage: 200

  • Multi Camouflage 1 (one extra target must be purchased after active camo): 300
  • Multi Camouflage 2 (two extra targets): 350

Reiatsu Mask (take the form of another): 600 bountyCost: 200 reiatsu/target; lasts 10 minutes

  • Rei Mask 1 (one extra target): 350
  • Rei Mask 2 (two extra targets): 350

Mark of the Hunted Edit

The feared technique of the 12th division is both hideous to learn and to execute. Those who seek to learn the technique are injected with a cocktail of poisons and diseases and left bedridden for several days. At such a point either their immune system is able to cope with the injection or they are forced to go to the 4th division and undergo a series of extensive (and painful) filtrations at which point the process must begin again.

Once the user has adapted to the plague, they are able to use it against their enemies, focusing it into the palm of their hand. Upon contact with the target, the virulence will transfer, leaving a dark hand print where the contact was made. This mark sends a message to any who sees it that the person bearing it is hunted, and most citizens will treat such a person like a leper.

The mark sends out a small leak of reiatsu that serves as a signal flare to all members of the 12th, making it difficult for a marked person to hide. This mark is permanent unless a chiyudo or Reiki user of 1.5x the connection of the person who laid the mark casts a mid to upper level purification spell or invests many hours of simple Reiatsu Healing, or if the person who used the mark relents and allows the afflicted area to heal.

In addition, there are immediate effects. 3% of the attacker’s reiatsu is dealt as damage to the target for five rounds. As the increase in heart rate speeds the poison’s spread through the bloodstream, reiatsu expenditure for shyunpo and kidou is doubled (kidou reductions are still in effect, whatever amount is used for the cast is doubled). Each flash step adds .5 rounds to the effect’s duration and each spell adds .25 rounds to the effect’s duration. Side effects include pain, nausea and blurred vision, although each person’s reaction to the plague is different.

Subsequent uses of the technique in a single fight from a single user become half as effective as the previous use. Concurrent uses from a single user do not stack.

Bounty points can be spent to augment the power of the poison. Each bounty point adds .01% to the per-round poison damage to a maximum of 4.5% of the user’s reiatsu.

Activation costs 1% rei on a successful touch to force the virulence into the target.

Roster Edit

Captain- Louhi Kaiho

Vice-captain - Rin Logan

4th Seat - Akimoto Senesati

6th Seat - Tristo Vega

7th Seat - Ishimaru Kazuma

8th Seat - Kiryoku Seiko

9th Seat - Kuromeiun Tenchuu

Tyrone Sherman

Zhang Zian

Kimura Naoto

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