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Halcyon Days is an alternate-universe text-based Bleach roleplaying game. A really long way to say it's a game based around writing Bleach stuff. The RP is based on BleachForums, and can be found here.

Because it's alternate-universe, in Halcyon Days none of the canon Bleach characters exist, nor did they ever. HD is the newest incarnation of a Bleach RP that's been going strong for almost eight years now, and it has its own plot and history based on the ideas laid down in the manga.

HD was designed to allow for four races (Shinigami, Vizard, Advent Human, Quincy) but until more interest is drummed up for the others, the Quincy are on the back burner. Each race has a set of stats as well as lists of Feats and Techniques they can learn. At certain mile markers, each race has a form of release that they can unlock, unique to each character!

This is a repository for information about and for the RP, a backup reference for members and others who might be curious. If you're part of the latter, you can see about getting started now.

The DivisionsEdit

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The OrganizationsEdit

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