Name Hisao Adachi
Race Shinigami
Division, Seat 10th Division 3rd Seat
Age  ??? (Appears to be in his 70s)
Height 4'10"
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Grey
Laterality Right
From District ???
User Shadowwind144

"Deal with the hand you are dealt and quit complaining about the cards." - Hisao Adachi

Hisao Adachi is a Shinigami and currently 3rd Seat of the 10th Division


Hisao has spent the majority of his few hundred years in Soul Society in the service of the Second Division. These times are elusive and the old man has a habit of embellishing his tales to the point that no one is exactly sure how much of the man's past is fact and how much he just makes up on the fly. After years of dedicated service the old man has decided to move on joining the Tenth Division as a way out of the monotony of spying and getting into the habit of the one area he seems to excel, Kidou. His years of solidarity have sharpened Hisao's observations and his years as a shinigami have dulled his inibitions leading to a deadly combo in which Hisao is unabashed to blert out what he is thinking regardless of how bad it may seem. This often brutal honesty has lead to his own captain repromanding him to get along better with others a habit he is strickly trying to adhire to.