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Name Kiryoku Seiko
Race Shinigami
Division, Seat 6th Seat, 12th Division
Age 235
Height 6'1"
Eye Colour Clear-Blue, Blood-Red
Hair Colour Dark Blue
Laterality Ambidextrous
From District ??th North
User DarkVortexX

"Je maintiendrai." - Kiryoku Seiko

Kiryoku Seiko is a Shinigami, 8th Seat of the Twelfth Division of Tracking & Assassination.

Story Edit

One day, a kid met a soul reaper. She stabbed him in the heart and they had all kinds of fun shenanigans.

Appearance Edit

Standing at an impressive 6'1" Seiko is by no means considered a small person. Some people consider him to be intimidating at times, which is all due to his height and athletic build. He has a rather youthful face, but still gives off the sense of being in between mid- and late-twenties. His face is free of scars, apart from one which runs from the end-side of his right eye, ending somewhere near his ear. His dark-blue hair is a bit longer than short, and tends to be messy all-around. His left eye is a clear-blue (his right eye is artificially created and is a blood-red) and, along with his mouth, usually gives off a confident expression. He also wears a silver-ring on his left hand's pointer finger, never taking it off. The ring was property of Seiko's sister before she passed away, thus it means more than anything to him.

Personality Edit

Loves to fight, is remarkably smart but lazy.

Zanpakutou Edit

Sealed FormEdit

No distinctive features other than a few ornaments on the hilt. The sword is of standard katana-length, has a black hilt, and a small broken-chain hanging loose from the top of the pommel.

Zanpakutou Spirit Edit

Kagennotsuki takes on the form of a waning, but usually large, moon.

Shikai: Kagennotsuki Edit

Release Phrase: "Sae Kagayaku, Kagennotsuki!"

Appearance: The sword changes form into that of a trident, the two outer-prongs are slightly bend outer-wards, is 8ft in length, without any form of ability activated, and has a spear-point-like end.

Ability: The weapon manifested from Seiko's release takes the form of a two-foot trident. The weapon has the ability to retract and extend at a speed based off his zanjutsu stat. As Seiko gets stronger so does his ability to extend/retract the weapon. Thus, for every 300 points of reiatsu gained, the maximum length of the weapon increases by one foot, capping out at 30ft.

Ability: By paying 1% reiatsu the trident can grow an additional spear, at the same pace as the first ability, on the side of the main blade, capping out at 5 additional spears. The spears can grow onto one another, thus making the form and the way the spear behaves different every time.


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