Name Niklas Kierkegaard
Race Shinigami
Division, Seat 7th, Third
Age 61 (Appears 25)
Height 6'0"
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Purple
Laterality Right
From District 67
User ;3

"Rin Logan... my nemesis" - Unknown

Niklas Kierkegaard is a Shinigami and is currently the Third Seat of the Seventh Division

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Niklas’ personality can be broken down into two distinct time periods. From the time he was a young boy to when he died, he had always been rebellious, to say the least. Much like his surname suggests, he has the same ancestry as the Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard. Though it is unfortunate, Niklas managed to not only have the same last name as the philosopher, but the same neurotically inclined behavior as well. Naturally distrustful of his fellow man, Niklas was quick to start fights despite his less-than-ideal size. His quick-to-anger demeanor did him no favors throughout his life, but managed to help him survive at tough times through sheer coincidence.

Upon his death, Niklas came to realize many things about himself. What also helped him along were the friendships he inadvertently made during his time in the army. Though he was always a bit on the crazy side, he found people who not only accepted him, but protected his fragile shattering point as well. It was through these bonds that he was able to first accept his death and second, to become a better person, though one could argue that it was too little, too late. Since his death, Niklas has become much more mature and tolerant of what others say and do, though he is still known to have the occasional blow-up. Despite his outward acceptance of people, it should be noted that he is still very judgmental on the inside.

Although he has tried to transform himself, Niklas can still be volatile at times. When thrown into a hostile environment, he will quickly revert back to his previous anti-social stance. Literally anything can, and will, set off this time bomb. This is due to the traumatizing things he often faced in his past. Any form of perceived violence will get equal or greater violence in return. Of note is the fact that Niklas’ voice is somewhat high-pitched for a man (almost shrill), which often makes him sound like a maniac. When fighting, Niklas has very little regard for his own life.