Name Rin Logan
Race Shinigami
Division, Seat 12th Division Vice Captain
Age 75 (Appears 21)
Height 5'2"
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Laterality Ambidextrous
From District 40
User Holaroro

"random quote" - that woman!

Rin Logan is a Shinigami and currently Vice Captain of the 12th Division






Sealed FormEdit

When Rin recieved her Zanpakutou, there was little special about it to be seen. All that seperated the blade from any other was the guard, a series of gold circles that created a cone shape. However, Rin, in a bid to stand out more, wrapped the hilt in a dark, red cloth. Eventually, after years of use, the cloth frayed at the ends and began to come away from the hilt and so Rin tied on a black string to hold it in place. Though these features were not part of the Zanpakutou when she recieved it, her Shikai and Bankai weapons kept them, Thana, the Zanpakutou's spirit, having liked them.

Zanpakutou SpiritEdit

The spirit of Rin's Zanpakutou's personality is hard to pinpoint down. Thana never seems happy, nor angry, it's voice always void of emotion. However, what is sure is that it has a hunger for power and a lust for blood. In exchange for Thana's power, Rin has promised to wetten her blade with blood as much as possible. Thana has the voice of a thousand or, to be more correct, Thana's voice is that of every person Rin has every heard, as if they were all speaking to her at once. The spirit appears neither male nor female, as Rin has only ever seen her from the back. A radiating figure, surrounded by light, robed in only the purest of white garments with flowing white hair. But, Rin has never seen Thana's true face for, whenever the spirit does decide to turn round, something which is rare, it puts on a mask. These masks are usually copies of the faces of Rin's acquaintances.